Your Trash Could Place You Behind Bars

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Police officers can properly investigate and make narcotic possession case by searching through trash left at a curbside of a house. The United States Supreme Court in California v Greenwood [1], has ruled a homeowner does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in trash left outside the curtilage of the home. The Case In Greenwood, [...]

Violence in Windy City Continues to Rise

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Last year 650 people were murdered in Chicago, and this year looks to be a banner year in the Windy City. Children living in the south and west sides of Chicago are in despair over their hopeless situation, some were as young as ten years of age. The prosecution rate for homicide cases city-wide is [...]

02.23 Attacks on our Second Amendment Rights

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Dee hosts The Gun Show on 104.1 KSGF with attorney Craig Heidemann . In the podcast, they cover the new medical marijuana bill and how it affects your second amendment rights. As well as going into more depth on red flag gun laws and if they will be coming to the state of Missouri anytime soon. [...]

New Gun Bills Introduced Require Extensive Social Media Checks

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February 9th. 2019. Dee Wampler discusses the introduction of lawmakers adding extensive social media/search engine history checks being added to new gun bills around the nation. The social media review includes the monitoring the accounts of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, as well search engine history review of the last 3 years. Listen to Dee discuss [...]

A Landmark Case is Underway in New York City

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On January 22, The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it would hear oral arguments on a New York City gun ordinance that limits residences from transporting their guns outside their homes. It could be a landmark case articulating broad principals about the Second Amendment, the first case to have been argued on the Second Amendment [...]

02.02.19 Dee Hosts The Gun Show on 104.1 KSGF

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Dee Wampler hosts The Gun Show while Matt Canovi is out of office teaching people how to properly use firearms. Dee sits down with Judge Mark Rundel and covers the following topics: Amendment recap Crime rates in Springfield, is it getting out of control? Medical Marijuana in Missouri Dee's "In God We Trust" Project Nativity [...]

Missouri’s Move Over Law-Utility Workers Are Now Included

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Missouri’s Move Over Law (RSMO 304.022) has been amended providing for the immediate approach of an emergency vehicle giving audible signal with at least one lighted lamp exhibiting red lights requiring “As far as possible” for approaching driver to yield the right-of-way. The law has now been revised to include utility workers through the display [...]