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Defense for the Accused

Federal charges require a specialized defense to ensure success.

Federal charges require a knowledgeable defense from an attorney that understands the federal justice system and has the resources to handle complex criminal proceedings. Federal cases are handled differently than state charges – complete with its own rules of evidence and a unique set of sentencing guidelines.

Clients facing federal charges require the best available legal representation. Federal convictions can result in prison time, major fines and a permanent criminal record. Our record of successfully helping our clients beat severe criminal charges has earned our firm an excellent reputation in federal courts around the nation including recognition among U.S. News Best Lawyers and inclusion in Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers Top 100.

Federal prosecutors seldom file charges unless a strong case is present. Due to the nature of our federal system, it is critical for anyone facing federal charges to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side that has a solid understanding of the federal system.

The Law Office of Dee Wampler and Joseph Passanise fiercely defend the rights of people charged with federal crimes. Dee Wampler is a former prosecutor who was elected one of the the youngest prosecuting attorneys in Greene County, Missouri. Joseph Passanise is nationally recognized attorney with more than 20 years of legal experience. When searching for a criminal defense firm you want a team that understands both sides of the case.

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