Sweeping Criminal Justice Reform Bill

The Missouri House has approved a massive Omnibus Crime Bill which is adopts many of ideals of the First Step Act and includes more measures that could potentially affect Missouri: Free feminine hygiene for incarcerated women sentencing reform for mandatory minimums for non-violent offender Parole for people who are at least 65 years old and [...]

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Bad News For The NRA

Wayne LaPierre has been a long time leader of the National Rifle Association. More recently, war hero Lt. Col. Oliver North, holder of the bronze star, silver star, purple hearts (and many other awards)  and national hero was asked to serve as president with LaPierre still in the background as CEO. Then, after the organization [...]

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Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Distracted driving is a real problem in Missouri (and in Greene County). That distraction from a text lasts a lot longer than you think! According to the National Safety Administration, if you are driving fifty-five miles per hour and you take your eyes off the road for just 4.6 seconds, you are driving the entire [...]

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Be Careful What You Throw Away

A Minnesota man was eating a hotdog at a hockey game when he wiped his mouth a with a napkin and tossed the remains in a trashcan. Authorities had been following him as a suspect in an unsolved murder in 1993. They dug the napkin out of the trash and used the DNA to make [...]

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HIV is a Persistent Problem

The number of new HIV cases in Missouri is on Missouri on rises - and a disproportionately large number are in rural counties. Missouri is one of seven states with a "substantial rural burden" according to the Atlanta Center for Disease Control. Statewide there are nearly 13,000 living with HIV. Many on therapy and a [...]

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Marijuana Zoning

By August 3, 2019, Missouri must begin accepting marijuana license applications. Aspects of the Amendment as to how Missouri will evaluate applicants. Scoring considerations include: character, background, experience and qualifications Business plan Site security Economic Impact Competitiveness in the medical cannabis marketplace Dispensary applicants would be evaluated in part on the suitability of their location [...]

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