Red Flag Gun Laws

Americans should resist the trend of assumed guilt and demand elected officials end the assault on our second amendment constitutional right. Red Flag law have spurred quite a bit of controversy. This legislative movement seeks to be dangerous to themselves or others. Proponents believe this will lessen and help combat mass shootings and suicides. The [...]

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Victim’s Rights

Article 1, Section 32 of the Constitution of Missouri and Chapter 595 of the Missouri Statute sets out our constitutional rights RSMO 595.209. Victims' rights are very important in Missouri such as the right of victims to be present at all criminal proceedings where the defendant has a right to be : To be present [...]

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Beating ShotSpotter in Firearms Trials

Until 10 years ago, the standard gun trial consisted of police officers testifying that they recovered a gun from on or near the suspect and an "expert" concluding the gun was operable and/or manufactured out of state. Today, even the most routine gun cases commonly involved fingerprints and DNA testing, evidence derived from clients' social [...]

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Cannabis Coming to a Dispensary Near You

Three private-sector sources tied to Amendment 2's development said, "It will be more than a year before Missouri patients will be able to step into a dispensary and legally buy marijuana as a doctor-recommended treatment". State officials can edit the rules, but the voter-approved amendment to the Missouri constitution orders them to complete by June [...]

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Sports Gambling in the State of Missouri

Missouri Legislators are considering bills to legalize sports gambling statewide after the U.S Supreme Court (2018) repealed a federal regulation. The Supreme Court now allows states to decide how to handle sports gambling on their own. We currently have bingo, lottery, horse racing, fantasy sports, and casinos which are legal under current law. The Court [...]

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Drug Package Profile

The U.S. Postal Service and DEA has developed a drug packing profile to stop mail trafficking. Faced with a deluge of suspicious packing heading towards consumers, courts determine that any reasonable expectation of privacy in personal effects must give way to society's interest in law enforcement to win the war on drugs. Mail Procedure Suspicious [...]

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Your Trash Could Place You Behind Bars

Police officers can properly investigate and make narcotic possession case by searching through trash left at a curbside of a house. The United States Supreme Court in California v Greenwood [1], has ruled a homeowner does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in trash left outside the curtilage of the home. The Case In Greenwood, [...]

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