A Growing Interest: Missouri Approves Medical Marijuana

Missourians approved medical marijuana Amendment 2 by a 65 percent vote earlier this month, and we now look forward to many months of studies by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the rise of cannabis dispensaries to a total of 192 by the year 2020. In terms of recreational use, nine states [...]

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Your Statutory Privileges VS Prosecutor’s Investigative Subpoena

Your Statutory Privileges VS Prosecutor’s Investigative Subpoena One of the most important laws that every citizen should be fearful of is the Prosecutor’s Investigative Subpoena. “RSMo 56.085. Criminal investigations, prosecutors or circuit attorneys may obtain subpoena for witnesses, records, and books - In the course of a criminal investigation, the prosecuting or circuit attorney may [...]

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Dee’s Resume

R E S U M E DEE WAMPLER 1. PERSONAL Residence: 5261 S. Stonehaven Drive Springfield, MO 65809 Business: 2974 E. Battlefield Springfield, MO 65804 Telephone: (417) 883-1488 (417) 882-9300 (417) 818-3800 Fax: (417) 882-9310 Email: entrapped@AOL.COM dee@deewampler.com Marital Status: Married to Anne Price Burress New Market, Virginia (1965) Children: Allison P. Wampler Steiner, Springfield,MO [...]

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