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If charged with Sexual Assault you are entering into extremely treacherous territory.

If you have been charged with a sex crime, be prepared for a serious legal battle. These crimes are considered especially heinous by prosecutors who waste no time in seeking serious penalties. In some cases and counties, convicted murderers receive less prison time than a convicted sex offender.

If convicted, mandatory sex offender registration and mandatory jail sentences are among the penalties you might face. The results that a conviction might pose on you and your family will be devastating if you don’t seriously consider your defense. We are prepared to discuss your case with you and share with your our experiences in dealing with cases involving violent crime, aggravated assault, rape charges and accusations of child abuse.

The Law Office of Dee Wampler and Joseph Passanise fiercely defend the rights of people charged with sexual crimes. Dee Wampler is a former prosecutor who was elected one of the the youngest prosecuting attorneys in Greene County, Missouri. Joseph Passanise is nationally recognized attorney with more than 20 years of legal experience.

Our record of successfully helping our clients beat severe criminal charges has earned our firm an excellent reputation in courts around the nation including recognition among U.S. News Best Lawyers and inclusion in Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers Top 100.

If you a are facing rape charges in Springfield, Mo, or surrounding areas, allow our criminal defense attorneys to consult you regarding your best defense.

Aggravated Assault or Assault and Battery are no less serious.

These offenses can result in imprisonment, significant fines, and other civil liabilities. An aggravated assault is a more serious assault and battery charge; physical actions that cause serious bodily harm or an assault using a weapon. Such actions may be considered an aggravated assault instead of a simple assault and battery. A prosecutor will use specific tactics to win their case and you must be prepared with the facts.

If you a are facing assault, aggravated assault or assault and battery charges in Springfield, Mo, or surrounding areas, allow our defense attorneys to consult you regarding your best defense.