Victim’s Rights

Article 1, Section 32 of the Constitution of Missouri and Chapter 595 of the Missouri Statute sets out our constitutional rights RSMO 595.209.

Victims’ rights are very important in Missouri such as the right of victims to be present at all criminal proceedings where the defendant has a right to be :

  • To be present at all criminal proceedings;
  • To confer with the prosecutor regarding bail, guilty pleas, and sentencing.
  • To be present at any hearing where the defendant is present;
  • For full participation in probation or other hearings;
  • To be protected from harmful threats from a defendant and the right to a secure waiting room area;
  • To speedy disposition of cases;
  • To regain property from police once it is no longer needed for evidence
  • To Limited compensation for out-of-pocket loss and for qualified medical care
  • Necessary as a result of the crime

Missouri also has a compensation fund in which you might be eligible for benefits if you are a victim of a crime and suffered personal injury. If you are a relative that requires counseling to better assist the sexual assault; if you are a spouse, child or other dependent of the victim who has died as a result of a crime; or if you suffered in another state but does not have a compensation program you might be eligible in the Show-Me state.

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