Over Five Decades Of Courtroom Success

About Dee Wampler

With over 50 years of courtroom experience, attorney Dee Wampler has a vast knowledge of trial procedures and the law that few lawyers can match. His record of success in and out of Missouri and Arkansas courtrooms is one of the reasons Dee Wampler has earned a reputation as one of the premier criminal defense attorneys in the region.

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Extensive Experience On Both Sides Of The Aisle

Since 1966, attorney Wampler has practiced criminal law. Hired as an assistant prosecutor in Greene County, he later campaigned for and was elected as a prosecuting attorney in 1971. He is one of the youngest attorneys to hold this position in Greene County.

Dee shifted his focus to criminal defense in 1973, engaging in private practice for over 40 years. When you work with Dee Wampler, you gain from his extensive experience on both sides of the aisle. He knows how prosecutors think and counters their strategies with compelling arguments.

Attorney Wampler is eminently qualified to handle your criminal defense matters. He provides reputable representation in local, state and federal criminal cases.

Committed To Helping Others Protect Their Rights

A longtime resident of Springfield, Dee Wampler is committed to helping friends and neighbors protect their constitutional rights. He is a regular guest on “The Nick Reed Show” and “The Gun Show” on 104.1 KSGF, using these radio shows to educate listeners on legal trends that affect their lives. Click this link to listen to his radio podcasts.

In addition to these guest appearances, attorney Wampler writes extensively on criminal law and its applications. His work has been featured in legal journals and law enforcement publications. He published multiple editions of the Criminal Law Handbook and the Missouri Criminal Law Handbook, distributing thousands of copies throughout the state.

Attorney Wampler also maintains a blog on this site to share his perspective on criminal matters in Missouri. You can access this information easily by clicking on the link in the menu bar at the top of this page.

Dee can connect with his audience and apply complex legal matters to everyday life. Whether he is blogging, lecturing at seminars, or appearing on television or radio programs, you can be certain that he will educate you thoroughly on your rights.

Contact Dee To Learn More About His Practice

You can easily reach attorney Wampler by calling 417-882-9300 or completing his online contact form.