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Gun-Free Zones Leave Us Unprotected

On July 20, 2012, excited patrons gathered at the Century 16 Movie Theater to see the much-anticipated conclusion of a popular movie trilogy. Within only a few minutes of the opening credits, tear gas filled the auditorium. As the audience attempted to flee, deafening...

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The Doctrine of Qualified Immunity

Recent unrest sparked by perceived police abuse has called for reform, police defunding, and demand for accountability. A Law Enforcement Officer, (LEO), should be aware of the doctrine of “qualified immunity” which protects government officials from liability for...

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The right to be left alone, the right to silence, and to be free from harassment are rights often cited as essential to the First Amendment, but are being put to the test in the communications age due to the abusive potential of modern electronic communication. Free...

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Cyber Harassment and Internet Defamation

Missouri law prohibits knowingly communicating a threat to another person if it frightens, intimidates, or causes emotional distress. You cannot use coarse language, offensive to one’s “average sensibility” that puts another person in reasonable apprehension of...

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School Crimes

On January 1, 2017, there were substantial revisions to current Missouri criminal federal laws which have a significant effect on school districts. Student misconduct must be reported under the Safe Schools Act.    Felony harassment covers a person who “without good...

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